Department of General Physics was found in 2003. However, the Department's history has begun in 1947 when the joint department of physics and chemistry was created in Kyiv Institute of Civil Air Fleet.

Department is managed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Arkadii Petrovych Polishchuk who is the recognized expert in the field of liquid crystal physics. The scientific interests are associated with investigation of the liquid crystal structure and its electric-optical and nonlinear-optical properties. A. Polishchuk is the author of about 140 scientific and methodical papers including 5 modular manuals on physics approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, he has prepared 5 Ph.D. and was awarded with "High Achiever of Education of Ukraine" badge of honor.

Highly experienced employees work at Department of General Physics. More than 85 % of them have the academic degrees and ranks. The academic teaching staff contains 1 professor, 11 associate professors (10 of whom have Ph.D. degree), 1 assistant.

Department of General Physics provides physics teaching to almost half of the NAU students who get education on engineering directions. "General Physics" discipline delivery is carried out according to stationary and correspondence education form at the high scientific and methodical level in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The department's teachers and employees continuously improve their professional level through the system of the staff certification.

Main purpose of the students teaching is to form the scientific world-outlook, understanding the fundamental physical phenomena and laws, definitions and theories of classical and modern physics as well as the innovative methods of research using the computer technology.


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