History and Present Time

History of Department of General Physics as well as the University is dynamical and is associated with the variety of events. It includes the series of stages connected with scientific directions which were developed that time at department. 

Department's official history begins since 1940-s from the physics section which was the part of joint department called "Department of physics and chemistry" till 1961. From 1947 to 1952 department was leaded by Ph.D. Professor M.M. Gratsianskyi, and from 1952 to 1956 - Ph.D. Professor B.G. Savinov.

In 1958 Professor M.P. Arbuzov – recognized scientist in the field of physical materials science (later the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) – became the department head. That time three associate professors, laboratory manager and one laboratory technician composed the department's staff. In 1961 the joint Department of physics and chemistry was divided to two independent departments (order No. 181 of 21.08.61). Professor M.P. Arbuzov became the Department of Physics Chief and managed it till 1962.

From 1962 to 1966 the department of physics was headed by Professor N.M. Varfolomeev, and from 1967 to 1968 – Associate Professor I.M. Barutkin. 

Period from 1969 to 1993 was the considerable stage for department of physics when Doctor of technical science Professor A.N. Soloviov was managing it. During that period there were created the modern physical laboratories and lecture demonstrations room and introduced the innovative teaching technologies. At the same time, the research concerning the civil aviation demands was conducted at department. Particularly, under the direction of A.M. Soloviov there was performed the cycle of works on upgrading the aviation fuel and lubricants monitoring, the results of which are widely used in aviation. Professor A.M. Soloviov has prepared 12 Ph.Ds and 3 Doctors of sciences and published more than 150 scientific and methodical papers and is the author of 20 inventions.

From 1993 to 2000 the Department of Physics was headed by Doctor of technical science Professor V.V. Shevelia – recognized expert in the field of metal strength. During that period academic-teaching and teaching-auxiliary staff included about 50 persons.

In 2000 the Department of Physics was divided to two divisions (Order of Rector No. 63/ОD): Depatrments of Physics No. 1 and No. 2. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor A.P. Polishchuk became the Head of Depatrment of Physics No. 2. In 2003 this department got its present title - Department of General Physics (Order of Rector No. 223/ОD of 02.12.2003).

Our Present


Work of department is directed to preparation of specialists with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skill which allow providing the high professional qualification and active living position.

Department teachers continuously impove their scientific and teaching level, tale participation in the international sessions, conferences, teachers' competitions. To provide the educational process on base of credit-modular system the department has developed the teaching-methodical complex which includes the academic and working programs, various versions of the electronic educational materials and the most important – modular educational manuals which are very popular among the students and help them to learn the necessary information and successfully pass the modular tests.


  Department employees are searching for the most gifted students and direct their research activities and get them involved to student conferences and Olympiads. Such students multiply obtained the prizes, certificates of honor and appreciations due to participation in the NAU scientific exhibitions, and some students were the winners and prizers at Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Physics.
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